Phoenix Sunday Dance

 Phoenix Sunday Dance
The Sunday Sweat, Dance Church - a practice that is shared the world over - has arrived in Phoenix!

Each week we gather for a light warm up, then dance, sweat and pray with the simple yet profound intention to be alive and present in our bodies with our tribe and allow all expression of the body, heart, mind and spirit to be expressed through sacred movement...for these 2 precious hours we allow ...the words to fall away and our body to express the truth of our being.

Through intentional dance, you find the pathway to more of YOU. Creating change in the world through your willingness to show up as YOU.

10:30AM - 12:30PM @
Paragon Dance Center in Tempe
Investment $15 .

No previous dance experience is necessary.

All that is required is an open heart, curiosity, a sense of humor, and compassion, particularly for ourselves.

Please do allow yourself the gift of attending the full dance, both to give your body time to arrive and warm up starting at 10:00, as well as honoring your body/heart/mind/spirit by allowing a full and complete ending, as we see the dance through to stillness and close together, one tribe, one heart at 12:00.

Nina Smith holds the community space and facilitates the circle.

Nina Smith, ecstatic dancer and awakened Being, shares the knowing gathered from a lifelong love of learning and deep connection with her body, through her dance and in expanded consciousness workshops and circles here in the Valley of the Sun and the world.
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