Essential Dance

Connect to your inner Goddess and your Mother Earth through dance. Belly dance is an ancient tradition of connection and celebration of a woman's body.

Be anointed with the Delicious oils and feel how they move through your body while exploring the dance. Essential Dance: Goddess Dance is a belly dance based workshop. The first part is more like a traditional class belly dance. We go over basic belly dance movements and discuss how they connect with the Earth and ourselves. We then take a break to meet the oils, and be anointed with them so they can help us go deeper as we explore our own dances. This class is for women only.

I have been belly dancing for 25 years! It has brought me so much joy, and connection to my body and spirit. I taught for years in Tucson, up until the birth of my first child. In the last two years my dance and spiritual journey has brought me to various forms of conscious and ecstatic dance, including attending 5 rhythms workshops. So now I am bringing it all together, the energy, the oils, and the dance in one amazing experience.