Dance Walk Phoenix

Put on your dancing shoes, we're gonna up... no wait, DOWNtown funk you up! Join our urban hippie soul train tribe of dance walkers, hoopers and skaters and help to spread some happiness on the streets of Phoenix. EVERYONE IS INVITED to join!

As always, we'll meet up in front of the Phoenix Market Cafe, usually on the 1st Saturday of the month, during the cool months of the year.  Please note that for November through February we will meet at 9:45 and leave promptly by 10:00 am.

We bring a bluetooth speaker so the music can be audible in order to encourage passers-by to join us, and also for anyone who doesn't have their own music mix. It's not a big speaker, so we recommend that each dance walker bring her/his own iPod (or whatever you have) and headphones so you can dance to your own drummer. Also, wear good supportive shoes and sunscreen, bring a hat or sunglasses and plenty of water. Children are welcome, as well as well behaved leashed canines.

Everyone who walks is invited to enjoy lunch afterward, usually on the Phoenix Public Market Cafe patio, but sometimes we relocate.

Please share this invite with anyone you can think of who would love to participate. This is a FREE event!

Join our official Dance Walk Phoenix Facebook Page so you never miss an update!

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